What you need to know about Cryptoyote AI

Highly volatile and speculative nature of crypto market is a cause for essential risks and at the same time, is a potential ground for making profit with cryptocurrencies.

Most professional traders do not place orders manually. Instead, they minimize their efforts and time losses through automated trading bots to reduce stress and the risk. Moreover, using a successful automated trading bot allows people to focus on their day jobs and get passive income at the same time.

That’s why Cryptoyote team developed the AI bot, not only to offer a great solution to save time and money and also to give ordinary traders the ability to compete with the professional traders who are trading with similar assets.

The AI Automatic trading bot is based on 137 indicators, 56 candlestick pattern detectors, 45 strategy alerts that are not provided by any other platform. It also works in 3 trading modes. It`s current success rate is 93%.

How it works?

The Cryptoyote’s bot is based on smart contract which automatically buys and closes the trades using your API KEY from Binance exchange with the restricted option to withdraw. This way you will keep your trading balance in your Binance account and continue trading with the increasing balance.

The number of daily trades depends only on the market conditions. If it is safe it will provide more signals. In general there are possible from 5 to 30 signals per day.

To release the trades, bot uses Cryptoyote’s native token (CYOT), t.e. to open 1 new trade the bot needs 1 CYOT token which works as a fuel for the bot and costs $0,5. Since we have created CYOT token on WAVES Platform, they can be bought on WAVES DEX. You can also get free CYOT tokens during our upcoming Airdrop.

The commission for the AI predictions is 40% of the profit made by a successful trade. In order to keep your trading balance in Binance and make it more secure, we will ask this 40% of commission to be paid in CYOT tokens so you need to have enough tokens in your wallet. Example: Your initial balance was 1 BTC and after trade you got 1.2 BTC where 0.2 BTC is your profit. Cryptoyote`s commission is going to be 0.08 BTC (40%) which you can pay in CYOT tokens. As we know 1 CYOT token is equal to $0.5 (stable price) so, the final price will depend on BTC/USD price on the market.

When you register on our platform the system automatically generates wallet address for you, where you should buy and send CYOT tokens. Bot is going to work with that balance. If you have enough tokens, then bot will trade for you. If not then we will send you a notification over telegram or e-mail.

We plan to start airdrop on 15th of August which will continue up to 45–60 days depending from the distribution of the provisional amount of the CYOT Tokens.

The launch of the AI Auto Trading Bot is scheduled for the end of September 2019.

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