CYOT token Airdop

CYOT tokens are the part of Cryptoyote ecosystem and services. We have developed our tokens in order to make it more clear and transparent for our clients to understand how many trades were made by AI powered auto-trading bot. There were no idea to create a new cryptocurrency. The main purpose is to create a unit to track all actions and save them on blockchain. CYOT tokens are not securities and will be used only as an utility tokens.

The price for one token is $0.50 and we want to keep it stable. For now the only reason for the price change may be our own intention to change prices for Cryptoyote`s services. Also we are not going to do any ICO, IEO or something similar. Our product is ready to use and we are not going to collect money and promise you to launch our services in future. So if you want to get CYOT tokens, then go to WAVES DEX and search for CYOT/USD pair.

The idea of the Airdrop is very simple. We want to give an opportunity to our community to try out our auto-trading services and than to decide whether to continue with us.

CYOT Token

We have decided to create owr tokens on WAVES platform, since it is the fastest and cheapest way for token transactions between wallets.


CYOT Token airdrop is going to start on 15th August 2019. We are going to airdrop 110,000.00 CYOT tokens during 45–60 days from the start. Distribution of tokens are going to be;

  • first 150 people will get 150 CYOT,
  • next 500 people will get 70 CYOT,
  • next 2000 people will get 35 CYOT tokens. (updated)

What do you need to do?

Register on our official web site, follow us on twitter and join telegram channels. Then add your usernames and click to continue. After e-mail confirmation your account will be activated. During that process we will create for you wallet connected to your account, which you will be use for AI trading services.

Disclaimer: Airdrop tokens will be stored in your wallet and you will not be able to withdraw, trade or ask for a compensation. Those tokens will be used as a fuel for our AI services. Also, we will not provide you with private key or password to use this wallet. Those wallets are going to be a part of the ecosystem and will be used as your personal ID-s in our system.

Want to get more tokens?

If you want to earn more tokens for free, then you can invite your friends and get 10 CYOT tokens (only during airdrop period) per confirmed user. Tokens will be sent to your balance during the day. The more you invite, the more you get. We will keep our referral program even after Airdrop period, but rewards will decrease up to 5 CYOT tokens per confirmed user.

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