How to buy CYOT tokens?

In order to make it fast and cheap for token transactions, we chose WAVES Platform for token generation. But this is not the only reason for that. Yes, Waves Platform is really fast and each transaction costs you 0.001 WAVES. But in order to keep you away from holding WAVES tokens in your balance as well, we will change CYOT tokens into Sponsored tokens, where transaction fee will be paid only in CYOT tokens.

WAVES Wallet

Once you registered on WAVES Client, you will get a wallet with support of 10 cryptocurrencies and USD, EUR, TRY payment gateways. Which means that you can send there any of these cryptocurrencies in order to exchange and buy CYOT tokens or withdraw.

In order to buy CYOT tokens you have to go to Exchange and search for CYOT/USD pair. Since CYOT price is stable and connected to USD, you can buy tokens only in USD pair. Price for each token is $0.50…

Once you bought CYOT tokens, they will be shown on your wallet. If you do not see CYOT on your Balance, then simply click to + button and search for CYOT, choose it and add to your balance.

What's next?

This is your own wallet and you are the owner of all coins and tokens in your wallet. We have created another wallet while you registered on So, in order to make bot work for you, simply copy your CYOT wallet from the web-site and send tokens to that address. Please, do not forget that once you send tokens to your CYOT wallet, they will not be able to withdraw back. All tokens in your CYOT wallet will be used for AI Auto-trading bot fees.

Of course you can do all operations on Waves mobile or Desktop apps as well…

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