How to connect Binance Exchange to the Cryptoyote Bot?

Yes, we have activated Binance Exchange API connection. So, here we will explain how to create Binance API and connect it to the Cryptoyote Bot…

Binance API Management

In order to connect Binance Exchange to the Cryptoyote, you need to create API Key and API Secret codes. For that, you need to login to your Binance Account and go to the API Management.

Here you need to create new API and give the API key a label. You can name it whatever you want.

In order to create new API, you need to activate 2FA security for your account. For that you may use Google Authenticator application or SMS code verification. Enter your “Google authentication code” or “SMS authentication code”. It depends on your preferences.

Once you pass the authentication, Binance system will send the confirmation mail to your registered email. Please, click “Confirm create” to confirm the new API creation.

Store your Secret Key in a secure manner. It will not be shown again. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t share your access details with anyone. If you forget your Secret Key we won’t be able to help you with the resetting process, unfortunately. The only solution is to delete the API and create a new one.

Cryptoyote API connection

After creation API Key and Secret Key, you can connect your exchange with Cryptoyote Bot. For that go to and sign in to your account. If you haven`t registered yet, you can do it here.

After signing in you will see your dashboard with your CYOT balance. In order to start exchange connection, you must have at least 500 CYOT on your balance (Currently it is not requirment and you account will be added to the waiting list. But in order to start trading there must be at least 500 CYOT tokens). You can read about how to buy CYOT tokens from here.

In order to start Exchange connection, please go to the AI Trade > API Management from main menu or click to the Connect Account (green button on the right side of the dashboard).

Choose the Exchange you want to connect, name it and add API Key and API Secret into the form. If you do not want us to show your balance on the waiting list, deactivate it. Then click to the connect button.

We will check your Exchange Balance and if there is enough balance (min. 0.5 BTC) it will add your account to the waiting list.

After that, you can go the waiting list menu and see your rank on the list. If your balance is below of minimum requirement, you will see Low Balance tag. Pending Balance mean that you account has enough balance and we will give you priority on trade activation.

Once you go to the Dashboard you will be able to see your exchange balance and connection status.

From now, simply wait the activation. We will update you when bot will start trading.

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